Memphis Immigration Law Attorney

Handling a Wide Range of Immigration Issues

At Donati Law, PLLC, we proudly represent clients in a wide variety of immigration matters ranging from visa petitions to immigration litigation. In our representation, we give unparalleled personal service to clients by providing meaningful access to immigration lawyers, giving regular and informative case status updates, and offering ongoing counsel throughout the course of the case. We also remain informed about immigration reform laws that could benefit our clients.

For us, immigration law is not merely practice area; it is a cause in which we are deeply invested to create systemic change. Our current broken immigration system separates families and provides limited ways for an average individual to live in, work in, or become part of the United States. We believe that every client we assist in navigating the system or obtaining relief from deportation is a step forward in fixing the system. In handling your case, we understand the trust you place in us and we advocate forcefully and work tirelessly to assist you in obtaining a successful result.

Immigration is entirely governed by federal laws. Because of this, our Memphis immigration law lawyers are able to assist clients with any and all U.S.-based immigration issues wherever they may be, across the United States or around the world.

We advise clients in the United States and abroad on all aspects of immigration law, including but not limited to:

  • Family-based immigration
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Permanent residency and naturalization

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Temporary and Nonimmigrant Visas

  • B-1/B-2 (Business / Visitor)
  • E-1 / E-2 (Treaty trader / Investor)
  • F-1 (Student)
  • H-1B (Specialty occupation)
  • J-1 (Exchange visitors)
  • K-1 / K-3 (Fiancé(e) or spouse of U.S. Citizen)
  • L-1A / L-1B (Intracompany transferees)
  • O (Extraordinary ability or achievement)
  • P (Athletes, artists, entertainers)
  • Q (International cultural exchange programs)
  • R (Religious workers)

Removal Defense

  • Deferred action and prosecutorial discretion
  • Asylum, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), T Visa (Victim of Human Trafficking), and U Visa (Victims of Certain Crimes) petitions
  • Habeas Corpus, Mandamus actions, and federal court appeals

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