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Employees who are terminated may receive a severance package from their former employer. If you need assistance with a severance-related issue, our legal team can assist you with all the details. Backed by more than 150+ years of combined experience, we are the kind of reputable law firm you want on your side. We are a law practice with a social justice mission. After carefully reviewing the details of your case, we will create a personalized legal strategy that reflects your specific needs.

Severance packages may include, but are not limited to:

  • Monetary payments
  • Vacation or sick pay
  • Stock options
  • Job-search assistance

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Understanding Severance Package Laws

Every employer has a different policy or view toward payment of severance, and the law does not typically require that employers provide severances to their employees. Employers may inform their employees about available severance packages, but generally do not have an obligation to do so. You should follow up with your employer to determine your options regarding severance.

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Severance packages are often reduced to writing in the form of a severance agreement. Your employer may require you to waive any potential legal claims you may have against it in exchange for severance compensation. If you believe you are faced with any of these issues, you may be able to sue your former employer to get the proper severance benefits and other damages. We can help you take legal action against your employer. We are proud to have been named by U.S. News among the Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" in 2013.

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