Questions to Ask Your Employment Lawyer


Hiring an attorney isn’t a simple process. Chances are, you need experienced, driven help for a complex legal issue. You may be fighting against your employer, which can be a delicate process. You may also be taking on a large corporation with the resources to easily fight back. It is crucial to find the right attorney for your claim. Learn more about what questions to ask when hiring an employment lawyer.

1. What is Your Experience with Cases Like Mine?

Don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer questions about their experience. It is important to ensure that your choice knows the area of the law your case falls under. Ask if they have taken on cases similar to yours, against your specific employer or the defendant, and what their results were. If you aren’t satisfied with their answer or feel they do not have the experience you are seeking, feel free to keep looking for an attorney that meets your requirements.

2. What Results Do You Foresee for My Case?

Lawyers aren't fortune tellers, but they should be able to look at the facts of your case and make an educated guess. They should be able to prepare you for the best and worst case scenarios, and while they can’t guarantee an outcome, they should reassure you that they will be with you every step along the way. You can follow this up with a question regarding their communication policies.

3. What are Your Follow-Up Policies for Email and Calls?

You want an attorney who is prepared to remain in constant contact about your case. Find out how quickly you can expect a returned call or email response during business hours, and if your lawyer will be reachable during evenings and weekends. Ask if your attorney will handle communication, or if another member of the team is responsible for client communication.

4. What Documentation Will You Need to Evaluate My Claim?

There is a lot of documentation that goes into your claim, and it is important to learn what your lawyer will need to see to evaluate your claim. Based on your claim, you should be provided with a complete list of record that will be needed to move forward with the claim. You can also ask about their policy for contacting you for additional information, should it be needed.

5. What Percentage of Your Practice Handles Cases Like Mine?

Many small firms have a team of attorneys that focus on multiple facets of one type of law, such as employment law. Find out about your lawyer’s team, and how they are supported. An attorney with a large supporting legal team can be busy, but they will have the help they need to tackle your case.

6. How Long Do Cases Like Mine Typically Take to Resolve?

Many new clients have no idea of how long their case may take to resolve. It is important to get an estimate of the length of time your lawyer estimates for your claim. This can help you feel more at ease when things are moving more slowly than you had expected, and give you a basis to make your assumptions off of. Expect to spend at least several months going through the legal process of your case.

7. Can I Have an Itemized List of Expected Costs?

Legal representation can be expensive, but you are paying for a service. As a client, it is in your best interest to obtain an estimate of your costs and an explanation for each one. You should have the information you need to make a good choice in attorneys, and this includes what they are charging, and how their time will be spent. This can help you to better understand what you will be spending for your case. Remember, good representation comes at a cost, so be wary of a lawyer that is quoting you a price that is far less than similarly experienced attorneys.

8. What Are My Other Options?

Some clients may wish to take their case to trial, others may be very against litigation. The way your attorney approaches this question is important, since they should have your best interests at heart. Discuss your goals and desires for the case with your lawyer, and get their input. If they push you to take your case father than you are comfortable, look for a new attorney who will listen to your needs and work for your best interests.

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