Attorney Robert Donati Reviews Tennessee's DDS Scams in New Article


As a Memphis Social Security disability attorney, Robert Donati has made it his mission to help hard-working Americans receive Social Security benefits after developing a major disability or illness. These benefits, provided through the Social Security Administration, can provide very sick people with the means to receive medical treatment, as well as relief from financial crisis.

That’s why Attorney Donati was appalled to learn that in Tennessee, disability benefits are not just denied at a higher rate than nearly any other state in the nation. According to a disturbing new report by USA Today, SSD disability claim denials line the pockets of the same doctors and administrators who should be protecting the injured.

When Hurting the Injured Benefits Doctors

In an article for a USA Today affiliate, Attorney Donati shared his opinion that Tennessee legislators must do a better job at protecting disabled citizens. The USA Today report discovered that Tennesee’s Disability Determination Services (DDS) was secretly incentivizing doctors to rush through claim assessment, and as a result, more than 72% of all state disability claims were denied in 2017 alone.

As Donati notes in his featured article, the DDS paid exorbitant sums of money for doctors to review thousands of complex disability claims at a time, which is what boosted the high denial rate. In one particularly egregious example, a physician was paid almost half a million dollars to rush through nearly 10,000 disability claim files. Meanwhile, quality control at the DDS was non-existent, and only 2% of these denials were ever reviewed for accuracy.

Fighting Back Against Corruption at DDS

In addition to encouraging Tennessee legislators to create oversight committees again, Attorney Robert Donati is also committed to assisting the victims of this terrible scam by the DDS. With well over a decade of experience, he can help you get the justice you deserve.

Attorney Donati understands that disability claim approvals can save lives, and that a denial has the potential to do the opposite. He is passionate about helping you seek the compensation you need, by appealing for a fair outcome on your claim.

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