Types of Workers Who Are Exempt from Overtime Pay Laws


Overtime pay, which is generally 1.5 times an employee’s typical hourly wages, is a way for people to be fairly compensated for extra work. However, not every worker is entitled to overtime pay. There are some employees who are exempt from overtime laws, and are either not permitted to work extra hours or are not provided with additional compensation for any extra hours they do work.

The following types of workers are exempt from overtime pay laws, in some cases:

  • Agricultural workers

  • In-house maids and other domestic workers

  • Employees of some transportation industries

  • Movie theater employees

  • Broadcasters and editors of local news stations and newspapers

  • Babysitters and elderly caregivers

  • Administrative employees

  • Workers in certain sales roles

  • Seasonal amusement park workers

The above list is only a sample of overtime exempt employees. Exemptions depend on many factors, including schedule, type of work performed, size of an organization, and more. The only way to know for sure if you are exempt or not is by speaking with your employer, reviewing your hiring documents, and discussing the terms of your job with our experienced employment law attorneys.

Overtime Pay Partial Exemptions

There are some types of workers who are considered “partially exempt” from overtime pay laws. Generally, these employees work in industries where the work week may differ from the typical 7-day week. This may be the standard, or employers may have the option to adopt an alternative schedule and modified overtime policy. Workers who require certain types of job training may also be exempt. Some examples of industries that are considered partially exempt include some hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and some areas of agriculture.

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