Do Employment Visa Holders Need to Find a New Job Immediately Once Unemployed?


Losing a job can be a stressful and uncertain time for anyone, but it can come with additional challenges for employment visa holders. Employment visas, such as H-1B visas in the United States, are granted specifically to work for a particular employer. So, what happens if an employment visa holder loses their job? How quickly do they need to find a new job to maintain their legal status? The answer to this question depends on various factors, including the specific visa type and the country's immigration laws.

Understanding Employment Immigration and Visa Categories

Employment immigration grants foreign individuals the legal ability to reside and work in the United States. There are various employment-based visas for foreign nationals seeking temporary or permanent work opportunities in the U.S. Some visas have annual limits, while others do not.

The primary categories of EB visas include:

  • H-1B Visas: Temporary visas allowing foreign professionals in "specialty occupations" to work and reside in the U.S. for specified durations.
  • H-2A Visas: Temporary visas permitting agricultural workers from eligible countries to live and work in the United States temporarily.
  • H-2B Visas: Temporary visas available to non-agricultural "seasonal" workers.
  • EB-1 Visas: "First preference" visas issued to foreigners with extraordinary abilities in specific fields like sciences or arts.
  • EB-2 Visas: "Second preference" visas accessible to foreign professionals with advanced degrees and/or exceptional abilities.
  • EB-3 Visas: "Third preference" visas granted to skilled workers, professionals, and certain unskilled workers.

These employment-based visa categories offer diverse opportunities for foreign individuals with different qualifications and skills who wish to contribute to the U.S. workforce and economy.

One of the most common types of employment visas in the United States is the H-1B visa, which allows employers to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations temporarily. If an H-1B visa holder’s employment is terminated, they do not have much time to find a new employer. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations, the individual must find a new job within a "reasonable period of time" to maintain their lawful status.

While no specific timeframe is mentioned, it is generally recommended to start looking for a new job as soon as possible. USCIS guidelines suggest that individuals file a petition for a change of employer before their authorized stay expires, which is usually 60 days after termination. However, finding a new job and going through the visa transfer process can be time-consuming, so it's often advisable to begin the job search well in advance.

Consequences of Not Finding a New Job

If an employment visa holder fails to find a new job within the designated time frame, they may be considered out of status and could face serious consequences. Failure to find a new job within the designated time frame can result in the USCIS determining the visa holder to be out of status, leading to serious consequences. These consequences may include being required to leave the country, deportation, or future visa application denials. Employment visa holders in the United States need to act swiftly and proactively to secure new employment and maintain their lawful status.

The key to protecting your immigration status is understanding the regulations and taking timely action. While you cannot control an unexpected loss of employment, visa holders can increase their chances of maintaining lawful status and continuing their professional journey in their adopted country by working quickly to find a new employer. Additionally, consulting an immigration attorney or seeking advice from USCIS can provide clarity and guidance during this challenging time. By adhering to the guidelines and taking immediate action, employment visa holders in the United States can navigate the process successfully and increase their chances of maintaining lawful status while continuing their professional journey.

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