Evidence of Wage and Hour Violations


Wage and hour violations are employment law offenses that involve the denial of legal regulations that govern payment and work times for employees. When a worker is the victim of a wage and hour violation, they may not be compensated correctly and could face other issues that oppose their rights.

To prove that a wage and hour violation was committed and begin building a case against your employer, you will need substantial evidence. You should save any evidence you have of the violation once you suspect that your rights have been infringed.

Pay Stubs and Time Sheets

In many cases, pay stubs and time sheets are some of the most helpful pieces of evidence for proving that an employer committed a wage and hour violation. The base of most of these cases will be focused on inadequate compensation, and documents that show the hours an employee worked will be most helpful for demonstrating that issue.

Communication with Your Employer

You should keep records of any communication you have had with your employer since you identified a wage and hour violation, and any other calls, message, or emails that you feel are relevant to your case. If you have had conversations with your employer concerning the violation, those messages will be especially good evidence. Those conversations will show that your employer was aware of the issue and failed to correct it.

Other Pieces of Evidence

The evidence that is used in your case will depend on the details of the wage and hour violation and your specific circumstances. Anything that demonstrates when you worked and the compensation that you are entitled to will be useful in a wage and hour violation case. This may include past pay stubs and time sheets, communication with coworkers, projects you worked on, and other items that demonstrate that you worked and were not fairly compensated for that work.

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